The Greatest Nutritional Deficiency of our Time! (part 1)

In most parts of the world, and particularly among western-style urban dwellers, diets consist of staples that have been stripped of essential nutrients. Furthermore, the average person’s eating habits are responsible for most of the chronic diseases that plague millions, and are the cause of disease and premature death.

Experts around the world are in agreement that for optimal health, our diets should consist mainly of whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

Health Pyramid

Most of us have however turned this pyramid upside-down by loading ourselves with refined carbohydrates and meats…

Health Pyramid_reverse

No wonder the health status of most of us are constantly on the decline!

No wonder millions of people are suffering from (or are doomed to eventually suffer from) chronic killer diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke.

Terrible isn’t it?


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