The Greatest Nutritional Deficiency of our Time (part 2)

Whole Grains are supposed to be the mainstay of our diets. Unfortunately, most of our grain-based foods are stripped of vital nutrients known as lipids and sterols as a result of food processing. This is because, the food industry wants (and needs!) to increase shelf-life of these food substances for the purpose of storage. (The argument is that long-term storage is essential for food security at national and even global levels)

In the 1940s, scientists discovered that chronic deficiency of these lipids and sterols is responsible for the chronic fatigue that plagues so many of us (they keep telling you “I’m always feeling tired”), as well the inability to cope with stress due to dysfunctional glands, amongst other conditions.

Next, I will show how these substances work in the body…



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2 responses to “The Greatest Nutritional Deficiency of our Time (part 2)

  1. Happy

    Totally interesting. Is possible to get grain products still intact…


  2. Victor

    Yes it\’s possible, if one is willing to put out the time and effort, not to talk of the expense. Ultimately, the important thing is for us to be aware of these things and to take timely and appropriate action.Cheers! Thanks for your input.


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