The Greatest Nutritional Deficiency of our Time! (part 3)


It’s an open secret that we are what we eat. The challenge is getting the right nutrients into the basic building block of the human body, the cells (about 73 trillion of them, we are told). Each cell is surrounded by a membrane and the lipids and sterols I mentioned earlier are part of this membrane. It is through the membrane that nutrients enter the cell and waste products are removed.


When our diet lacks these substances, as is the case most of the time, the cells of the body neither take up nutrients nor remove waste products efficiently. What we end up is an unhealthy cell that dies far too quickly!

When we feed on an adequate supply of lipids and sterols found in whole grains, then our cells are healthier and thus the entire body. Unfortunately it is difficult to do this from diet alone, making it necessary for us to take these essential nutrients as a food supplement.


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