Why we make how Much (or Little) we are Making

I’ve always known this, but today it actually dawned on me – wealth is directly proportionate to the number of lives you can impact… The more people that can benefit from your product or service, and the more you they appreciate the need for what you have to offer, the more wealth you can attract to yourself.

I came to a point of strongly feeling this after I recently concluded a contract for some people. But for the fact that I did that job for fun, the pittance they paid was actually an insult to human dignity. I got thinking "How could they even think about paying me this little money for all this back-breaking work? How do people manage to live under this kind of treatment?" Then another thought came to me "How many people did you serve? What is the true value of your efforts" Not very much, I must confess …

People, let’s wise up…



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2 responses to “Why we make how Much (or Little) we are Making

  1. Ikor

    Society generally- represented by humans – is cruel and hypocritical. It is a human tendency to always throw aside humanity at the slightest opportunity to hide behind the cloak of an unreasonable value-system to pervert and exploit humanity. What a paradox!


  2. Victor

    Hmm, that\’s pretty deep… Never thought of it that way.


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