What’s this thing called “Financial Freedom”

When one thinks about financial freedom, one tends to have a picture of a couple in swimming gear and sunglasses, lounging on a tropical beach and sipping exotic cocktails. While such images are desirable and speak volumes of a person’s ability to afford the money and time for sunny holidays, financial freedom is much more than that.

Financial freedom is the ability to make choices in life that supercede the consideration of the presence of absence of money. It means the power to spend you time to learn a new language, play classical music, devote your time to the cause of the homeless or to go skydiving at ten o’clock on a Tuesday morning. It represents the freedom to be one’s self and to attempt to do those good things that are crying out for expression in the inner recesses of one’s being. It means not working to earn money but having money work for you. It means living for your work and not working for a living.


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