The Value of Dietary Fibre (Part 2)

Though, I can’t claim to be an expert in fibre diet (and supplementations), I do know that I have seen several people enjoy improved health outcomes through their use, and that in a relatively short time.

People report a general sense of wellbeing after supplementation with dietary fibre. This may be due to one great benefits that can be derived from a fibre-rich diet – reduced exposure of the gut lining to noxious substances generated by bacterial action. This occurs because of the decreased transition time of ingested food (or excreta depending on which part of the gut you’re thinking of). The stools are softer and bulkier and bowel motions more regular. Disorders like constipation, anal fissures and haemorrhoids (piles) are less of a problem with people with adequate fibre intake.

In addition, there is a great benefit of weight management (not weight loss!) as the fibre itself modulates an individual’s appetite in such a way that high-carb binges become less frequent. This is due to the stimulation of certain reflexes and reconditioning of the appetite centre. The good weight loss programmes that dampen the blood sugar roller-coaster effect (a.k.a. insulin trap) rely on food fibre as a component for successful, (and safe) weight reduction and maintenance.

I also found these benefits in the literature (every other thing I’ve shared I’ve experienced):

Dietary Fibre

  • stabilizes blood glucose
  • regulates glucose absorption from food
  • suppresses cholesterol synthesis
  • raises large intestine acidity thereby protecting the lining from polyp formation and increasing absorption of dietary minerals
    stimulates immune protection

In conclusion, many of the actions of dietary fibre are water-demanding. A healthy water intake is essential for one to derive the benefit of fibre, especially if one is taking fibre supplements.

Remember: Our health is our greatest wealth. The choice is ours.



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4 responses to “The Value of Dietary Fibre (Part 2)

  1. Planet Nicola

    Interesting stuff… I can\’t understand how some people are so neglectful with their bodies? Money is a big issue with the majority of people with an unhealthy diet, as they simply cannot afford to eat the best food or live in areas where healthy and organic food is not an option and survival is! But then again, it is only short term survival, and the people who have such poor diets are at higher risk of bowel cancer etc. I find it sad also that we have to import good food, when we have it on our doorstep. But people can\’t understand the importance of locally produced food and realise the catastrophic actions of this to the environment and also our local shops, business and the effect that it has on the nutritional integrity of the food. Health is the greatest wealth, like you say, but sadly not everyone has that opionion and would prefer to go out and eat a big fat pie! : ) That said, I\’m feeling a bit peckish now : P Thanks for visiting…have a good dayx


  2. Happy

    Thanks for post. This was really excellent information for me and nice summary. Not too much reading. Have a splendid day.


  3. Julia

    That is so true, I find also that I have more energy & feel better when I take suppliments and also exercise.


  4. Victor

    Thanks y\’all for the comments.


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