Something Fishy…

When we were in school, we were taught that Eskimos were found not to suffer from the common cardiovascular disorders such as hypertension and that this was linked to their diet that is rich in fish.

It was not until much later (yes I left the university a while ago) that I began to appreciate the value of the main nutrient responsible for this phenomenon – the Omega-3 fatty acids.

I will resist the urge to talk too much about these wonderful nutrients but suffice to say, our health and our dietary habits need to be examined and this being the purpose for the Opportunist’s blog.

Instead, I will tell a short personal story (one of a few). There is this gentleman, a known hypertensive, who used to attend a clinic where I once worked. Although he had a mild to moderate form of the condition, it was rather difficult to control. Shortly after I quit the job (don’t ask me why) I met him in his office and I suggested that he take Omega-3 capsules made from pure salmon oil. To my utter surprise, after about a week he reported to me that his blood pressure was now normal and that he had noticed an improvement in his ability to cope with stress, especially at work. I was elated. I met him again recently – after about 2 years – and he looked so much younger. When I asked him about his health, he told me that he had signed up as a distributor with the company that made the product I recommended just to enjoy the great nutritionals that they offered, and that his blood pressure problem was no more. I was stunned, even though I was the one who started it all!

Now I am not suggesting that an Omega-3 supplement is a cure for hypertension, but the bottom line is that it helped him. I am also convinced that even if there isn’t a blood pressure lowering effect in every person, the benefits derivable from Omega-3 are undeniable. Who knows what benefits we can enjoy when we return to healthy eating?

I will explore this a little further next time. It’s 1 a.m. here – I gotta sleep now.



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6 responses to “Something Fishy…

  1. Angel

    Hi, thanks for visiting me blog. I see you\’re interesting in health. Are you a doctor or health professional?


  2. Victor

    Yes, I am a doctor but that\’s not what got me into this crusade. Ironically, it was my getting involved in a business that opened my eyes to the power of nutrition and the need to share this information.


  3. The G Man

    Great Blog,Fish and it\’s oils are amongst the best available foods for us to eat.I believe in eating in balance but the people who are so used to their predominantly red meat diets should really pay more attention to the health benifits of this form of white meat.Take care.


  4. Happy

    We have the foods We have the technology We just have to get the technology getting proper food into our bodies. We are not a machine but a complicated organic systems. I feel in this \’modern\’ world we so need to be food educated. Thanks for your posts. 🙂


  5. Happy

    Hello, just dropping in to see if you had special Earth Day menu tips. Also, noted this time the term \’Eskimos\’. In Canada, this group now uses Inuit as Eskimo one of those colonial type renaming thingys. Hope you are well. 🙂


  6. Victor

    Thanks for the clarification. It\’s fun to learn something new everyday!


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