The Silent Killer (IV)

Vitamin E – Master Antioxidant

Vitamin E fights your heart’s worst enemies – free radicals – by protecting blood fats from the oxidation that leads to plaque, the deadly enemy that builds up and narrows artery passages. When left to their own devices, free radicals can damage cellular fats, proteins and DNA. But when vitamin E steps in, it neutralizes free radicals in two ways: first, it minimizes damage by mopping up free radicals before they can cause damage and secondly, by interrupting chain reactions of free radical damage after they’ve begun.

To get the amounts of vitamin E recommended by leading researchers would require the consumption of huge amounts of food, so the only realistic way to get the 200 i.u. of vitamin E needed daily for this level of protection is to supplement.

In a ground-breaking long-term study of 87,000 health nurses, Harvard researchers discovered that those who supplemented with 200 i.u. of vitamin E every day for two years or more had a 41% lower risk of heart attack and stroke.[i]

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[i] Stampfer MJ et al, Vitamin E consumption and the risk of coronary disease in women. N Engl J Med 1993: 328: 1444-9


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