The Silent Killer (V)

Garlic – Europe’s Secret

In some parts of Europe, people have understood the power of garlic and used it faithfully for centuries to stay strong and healthy. In Germany, the government has recognized garlic’s heart health benefits and actually reimburses people with diagnosed heart disease for certain garlic supplements.

More than 1,300 scientific studies have validated the historic use of garlic and other allium vegetables – like onions and leaks – to support cardiovascular health. It has been determined that the therapeutic level for garlic’s heart healthy benefit is 4,000 mcg per day of a special component of garlic called allicin.

Research shows that this amount can play a significant role in supporting optimal cardiovascular health[1] through helping lower cholesterol[2], dissolve blood clots, and support health blood pressure levels[3].


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[3] Silagy CA et al, J Hyperten, 12: 463-468, 1994 and Kiesewetter H et al, Eur J Clin Pharmacol, 45: 333-336, 1993



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