10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals Kids Often Miss

Vitamin A – promotes eye health, bone growth, and warding off infections.

Vitamin C – enhances immune function and works with Vitamin E to provide antioxidant support.

Vitamin D – works with calcium to keep bones strong.

Vitamin E – protects cells from the damaging free radicals that can lead to cancer and heart disease later in life.

Calcium – helps grow strong bones and healthy teeth.

Iron – keeps the blood supply healthy so it can deliver oxygen to the body’s tissues. Iron deficiency is still the most prevalent deficiency in children worldwide.

Folate – a special B vitamin – helps produce and maintain new cells and prevent anaemia.

Magnesium – helps keep the heart rhythm steady and the immune system and bones strong.

Potassium – helps kidneys function properly, keeps blood pressure normal, and is important for heart health.

Zinc – promotes normal growth and development during childhood and keeps the immune system strong and promotes healing.

How much attention are you paying to your child’s long-term health?

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