Research Highlights the Need for “Bio-Essential” Nutrients

The inter-relationships and activities of the hundreds of nutrients that our bodies need, which are sourced from our diet are so complex that they challenge any reasonable explanation. The deeper scientists and researchers probe into the unknown areas of human biochemistry, the more complex it all becomes.

Individual nutrients play roles of their own and interact with other nutrients which interact with yet others in the super-dynamic network of bio-chemical reactions that is the greatest thing in all of existence – the human body. One simple fact that continues to apply however is that “you are what you eat”. Both the structure and the many functions of the body are nutrient dependent. Giver your body an abundance of those nutrients and it can reward you with a long life of health and vitality. Don’t do this, and all bets are off. And everything we are learning tells us that this starts very early on in life – indeed from the point of conception and every moment thereafter.

In the next few posts, this blog will feature results of recent studies, with a view to provoking the reader to make healthier food choices.



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