Nutritional Keys For Lifelong Eye Health


Whole food nutrition, phytonutrients in particular, continue to draw attention at the crossroads between food, health, and disease. The amount of nutrients present in your diet is a critical predictor of your future health and risk of disease. This notion is gaining more traction against some skeptics as research backing it continues to mount.

Since the early days when nutritional science first began (around 1900) we have had an understanding that nutrition is important to vision. for the vast majority of that time, however, the only connection made was with vitamin A preventing night blindness. Mothers and grandmothers seemed to know this long before the scientists eventually proved them right. It turns out that vitamin A, technically known as retinol is needed by the retina for both light sensitivity and colour vision. For several decades that relationship of nutrition to eye health seemed to be the only one science was willing to accept.

For more than a decade, there has been a revolution in our understanding for the broader connection of nutrition to lifelong eye health and visual acuity. It is now well accepted and understood that the eye is a unique organ faced with challenges that no other organ faces. Like essentially everything else in the body, how well the eye deals with hose challenges and provides us with the essential ability to see clearly, is now known to be dependent upon a wide array of whole food nutrients that our diets are supposed to provide. Science is now showing us which nutrients we need to protect our eyesight an and what happens when we don’t have enough of them. The next few posts on the blog will share some of the very latest science telling us about how to plan for lifelong healthy eyes and vision.

To be continued…



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  1. Can’t wait to SEE what information the next posts hold!


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