Blogging 101: Who I Am & Why I’m Here


Hello everyone and thanks for visiting this post. Odd as it may seem, I’m doing the WordPress course Blogging 101, after having kept this blog for over 4 years! I know it may seem a little odd, but I suppose that I discovered this course just the right time – when I’ve been mulling over making significant changes to how I carryout my blogging venture (or should I say ‘adventure’?).

My name is Victor Ordu and I live in hot and sunny Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria – the greatest black nation on the earth [smiles]. I am different things to different people, but one of my great weaknesses is my insatiable curiosity. I love to try out new things and this trait has made me to hop from science to the arts to humanities and, recently, to entrepreneurship. I am an ardent Christian and I have strong beliefs (some people may label me conservative, but that’s cool).

I started blogging on the Microsoft Network (MSN) when it was called MSN Spaces and later on, Windows Live Spaces. Those of you who were using that platform will recall that one day Microsoft announced that they were migrating all the blogs to the WordPress platform, and that was how I became a “Pressie”.

On WordPress, I decided to try my hand at building a network marketing business and I just tried to dumb it down my posts by publishing extracts from my company’s publications (the company is called GNLD, a 54 year-old leader in the industry). These posts have been focused and health and wellness, hence the name of this blog.

Like I said in the opening paragraphs, I want to expand this blog and make it more valuable, interesting and useful to the few people that have decided to follow it. Thus, this course is a way of helping me to go back to the basics, learn some good stuff and hopefully unlearn some of the not-so-good stuff.

So, if you’re a follower of the blog, you are going to witness a departure from the normal way I post, particularly for the duration of the Blogging 101 course. I would encourage anyone interested to participate in this learning experience by following the link

Thanks again!

Please ‘Likes’, ‘Follows’ and/or ‘Comments’ will be appreciated. Suggestions on how to proceed with my blogging are also welcome.


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