Empire Avenue Photography Contest – January 2015


Empire Avenue Photography Contest – January 2015 #EAvPhoto #EmpireAvenue


What is Empire Avenue?

This is a site that boasts its ability to work for you in boosting your social media efforts. I was introduced to this site by the amazing Mr Randy Gage, whose material I’ve been feeding from for a number of years. If he was on this site, I was going to be there as well.

Anyway, Empire Avenue has 3 main components today:

  1. Social Stock Market: This is a virtual stock exchange that allows you to ‘invest’ in EAv users’ profiles. Some people are more valuable than other, both in terms of absolute value and in terms of dividend pay-back. The whole idea is for you to earn virtual currency (called Eaves and Vees) that comes from their social media activity on the big platforms we all know – Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  2. Communities: Here EAv users interact on various topics of interest for fun, business and learning. Yes, learning. Indeed there is a University Professor who’s graduate class used EAv for project work and he simply used the in-build grading system to rate the students!
  3. Missions: This part of EAv allows users to send fellow EAvers on errands, as it were. There are different kinds of missions which allow the Mission Creators to invite members to engage with their content on various platforms and they reward them with virtual currency for their effort.

One really cool feature of EAV is that it provides you with basic stats on every social media account that is connected to it by assigning Network Scores to them (in percentages) as well as charting it for you on one single page.

As anything in life, EAv has been both positively and negatively received, but I have had no problems with it. I have met a lot of nice people on the site, many of them leading bloggers and social media influencers.

Well, Eav is currently running a photo contest for its users. Perhaps you might have some interesting content. Would you like to participate in it? If  you do, just click on the link at the top of this post and join in the fun! And if you want to connect with me, my profile (ticker) is (e)BROVIC!



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