This post has a silly title: “Temporary Absence”


I promised myself that I would be a little more regular with my posts on this blog. Especially since I decided to expand the scope. However, I’ve been taking this course on (Foundations in Data Analysis from University of Texas, Austin, TX) and it’s been taking my time. I thought I should just refresh my knowledge a bit in what is a basic field for anyone in public health. And I started a new romance with R and RStudio. It’s been an exhilarating experience and I’m excited everyday. I will tell you guys the story of this love affair later.

Anyhow, I have not been that conscientious with managing the time. I actually have a 5 – 6 week backlog of course work that I have to complete before the course ends the second week of February and I’ve literally been burning the midnight oil. Add to that, trying to get into business for the new year and elections that are going to start in a couple of weeks. Life is anything but dull, and totally chaotic right now!

What are you up to?


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