It’s happening live in Lagos!










I might as well brag on my country.

I am presently in Lagos, Nigeria where I will be attending Social Media Week, Lagos. This happens to be the premier event that has to do with social media in Nigeria – experts from different sectors, enthusiasts, lobbyists, activists, government officials, businessmen and tech-preneurs – will be rubbing minds over the next five or so days. Check out the schedule!

I’m just here to learn, so I have nothing to prove and nothing to show. There will be a number of online events, so if you care you can come and take a look, especially if you’re not residing in Nigeria. My country is really “the place to be” and promises to be the next “great frontier” as far as business is concerned.

The beautiful Toks Bakare

I specially want to announce an event  that will be hosted within the week by Toks Bakare, an internationally-acclaimed behavioural analyst who works with children that have special educational needs (particularly those with autism spectrum disorder). This powerful event will be held both online and offline, so anyone can participate.

Nigeria, Good People, Great Nation!


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