Social Media Week Lagos – see you next time!

Social Media Week Lagos just concluded a few days ago, For me it was such a wonderful learning experience. I made a lot of new friends, too. It was great to see so many creative minds coming together from different walks of life, selling themselves and their work. When you come out to such events, you realise that you really have a lot of work to do and that no one is resting on their oars.

I would have loved to give a blow-by-blow account of what I experienced over those 5 days, but I will have to be content with just challenging readers to do their best to visit any of these events if they come close to your area. For details on Social Media Week, just visit their website.

I took a few photos and I will share them here. I’m not happy with how most of them turned out, but we’ll just have to do with them!



IMG_20150223_102308_edit IMG_20150223_120517 IMG_20150223_210733 IMG_20150225_103554 IMG_20150226_112423 IMG_20150226_122922 IMG_20150226_134420 IMG_20150226_144518_edit IMG_20150226_161346 IMG_20150227_105807 IMG_20150227_105820


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  1. Dante West

    Awesome point of view. Kindly please follow back.

    Thank you


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