2015-11-30 apple a day

Source: NeoLife Lifestyle Magazine

This popular saying seems to be overrated as well as outdated.

The reason for this lies in the fact that the days when it was coined were well before the industrial age, when the bulk of human activity left the farm to the cities. It holds far less water in this information, age, where sedentary habits and junk-food binges are the norm.

Truth be told, our bodies are currently bombarded with far more environmental stress than those of our ancestors and we therefore need to take that apple-a-day but do a lot more!

This is why supplementation is key – not just with ‘vitamin pills’, but with essential foods substances that have virtually disappeared from our diets, thanks to the global food manufacturing and processing industry. Indeed, much of present-day crop cultivation and animal breeding are suspect, so the problem seems to start right at the farm!

The real key to all of this is knowledge. Let’s go for it and we will be empowered to make better choices!


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