Johnson & Johnson sucks

This is too important not to reblog…. Please you have been alerted – pay attention to what you put on and into your body.

The Savvy Sister

They work hard to gain your trust..…then they know they can screw you.

Johnson & Johnson has spent billions building the name of “family trusted products” for babies and adults, so it may surprise you to learn that a court has just awarded $72 million to a (now) deceased plaintiff who died of Ovarian cancer from using the high talc content products from Johnson & Johnon.  You may be surprised….I am not.

You can read the whole story here.

There were several things that turned my stomach reading this article, but some of the highlights were:

  • Johnson & Johnson knew that there was a link between using talc for personal care and ovarian cancer, but they pretended like that information didn’t exist.“They tried to cover up and influence the boards that regulate cosmetics,” a  juror said, adding “They could have at least put a warning label on the box but…

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