learn to code… code what?!


teaching kids to code has had about three stages in the world:

  1. computer classes or labs in primary schools, in the 20th century
  2. computers for developing nations initiatives like one-laptop-per-child
  3. the contemporary rasp-pi/mobile app stage

each of these stages was driven by significant changes in hardware; the first by the advent of the home (and school) pc, the second by the development of a radically inexpensive “netbook,” and the third by both smartphones and single-board computers (sbcs).

i grew up in the first of these, and taught myself to code at home. the question “code what?” was not important then; asking it would be like the j.k. rowling interview where a reporter asked: “what should kids read while waiting for your next book to come out?” a stunned rowling replied, “other… books?”

with logo, the question is answered before you start: logo lends itself most easily to making graphical designs…

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